Managing director
Gordon Wilson
Contact Phone
(027) 663-4962
(International +64-27-663-4962)
What do you mean “we”, white man?
The term “we” is used rather loosely. At the moment it is only me. But hey, “we” have only just begun. “We” (my wife Vavia and I) have children who are keen to “come aboard” and of course our children are where the future lies for all of us.
“We” have seven children all told so there is plenty of scope for future expansion ;-).
Later we hope to have expanded enough to employ programmers, receptionists, accounting people, the whole bit... For the time being we make do.
Who are we...?
The Family
Our Wedding
November 6, 2004 (link below .../gvw/)
Vavia Wilson
“My Darling Wife”